EU-UK Conjoined twins

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EU-UK Conjoined twins

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The relationship with the EU & UK can be put in parallel to Conjoined twins and as well all know separating the twins is possible as seen in many cases but there risks and very complicated operating procedure.

So this analogy can be similarly be used to express the situation we are in and you tend to think it will all work out in the end and the UK separate out and figures out all the market free trade issues, legislation and law changes that would have to take.
You also thin the EU will survive without the UK and will continue regardless with just a slight blip when separation happens.

We just need a crystal ball to look into the future and see how it all goes, but with the buzz word in the media now-a-day of "Fake News" taking hold on since the Donal Trump came to be President of the USA, you often wonder what to believe when you read into the media speculation.

Even experts cant foresee the future and give a weather forecast that's 70,80 or 90% accurate of what the weather will be for tomorrow!

All we know is Industries throughout Europe, UK and the rest of the world will look on nervously when Brexit actually happens.

World politics will certainly be affected, as already seen with Mr Trump taking office, Netherlands almost scraping a right wing government, North Korea leader belligerence in trying to frighten the world with their missile/nuclear tests, Turkey President becoming more hard-line in his views, Syria, Iraq & ISIS all of these factors will play into an uncertain future where democracy, socialism, the civilised world would be impact and greed by those always there to take advantage of a bad situation when Market are in turmoil.
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