Theresa May will become most targeted PM in history

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Theresa May will become most targeted PM in history

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As the title hints, its probably not far close to the truth, that Mrs May will become a targeted by loonies who would blame her for all the Brexit chaos.
Some maybe calling her Iron Lady II - but I hardly think she is made of the same stuff Margaret Thatcher was made off.

We have to remember this all started with Mr David Cameron's government, getting the ball rolling with the referendum and not ensuring that a certain water-mark/percentage of the votes was reached to make the final result valid and proceed with Brexit.

But as all things in governments, they have made a complete hash of it and we now have a referendum that passed with the slimmest of margins and become the UK's most damaging

As it is, we are where we are, and 51.9% YES to Leave & 48.1% to Remain in the EU, with an Electorate Turnout of 46,501,241 has proven a costly mistake for Britain.

Lets hope T.May is able to surmount this Abyss of Political and National catastrophe that it will be if a solution found or a #2ndreferendum is decided upon.

Will there be demonstrations and Political upheaval or will our Nation just sit back and watch how #Brexit unfolds until its too late.

As some MP's have quoted recently in PMQ's last Wednesday (16/01/2019) "our country will face the worse ramification of a no deal for Brexit, not for weeks, month or even years past the 29th March 2019 deadline is reached but for Decades to come"

It has only taken us 20years to be part of EU, yea why not, let do another without the EU.

Anyways, I hope you all have something to say and opinions welcome on this subject.
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