So where will Brexit leads us?

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So where will Brexit leads us?

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For one thing out of Europe and the common market., so taxation on goods and higher import/export cost.. That's going to help Britain right?

Ireland could also prove to be an issue with assurances a hard boarder will not be placed between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

But most damaging to the UK is Business.

UK will see (and has been seeing for last 2 years) large business will set the HQ's else where as many require European head quarters and while the UK was still part of the EU this was ideal for Financial business and the like to thrive in a British economy which was quite strong.

Now that is out of the water and Britain reputation is in tatters, they will become the laughing stock with no respect from the EU member states or other large block countries.

Britain has made a fool of it self by burning these bridges and will find that the trust and hard earned respects acquired over decades of stiff upper lip diplomacy is now a shadow of its former self.

Britain will no longer command the respect of the world big powers once it enters Brexit, even USA is back tracking on its promises in seeing the Brexit deal done.

You see, a referendum vote, that is so close (No 48/ Yes 52%) to decide such an important National issue, and then become law binding is fundamentally crazy situation to find ourselves in.

The conservative government of Cameron, and the UK Government as a whole got us into this mess, many of them should all have their political licenses revoked.

In a few years time we will see how everyone in Britain will be cursing why the EU vote ever happened.
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