Points raised with British officials at embassy

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Points raised with British officials at embassy

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Tea with the UK Ambassador in Slovenia

Open House for British Nationals in Slovenia:

Check out @UKinSlovenia’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/UKinSlovenia/status ... 90432?s=09

Points of interedt raised from tonights meeting.

1. For uk nationals £18k salary with slovene spouses want to go back. In otger wird you must earn 18k or more before you spouse can live perm in the UK with you.

2. Dual nationality now possible since 18months ago in Slovenia

3. Voting rights remain the same. ie. Uk nats can continue voting in Slovenia if there is a #brexit deal

4. UK passports no hard borders control with a #brexit deal

5. UK assests best moved to EU shores. i.e. bank accounts, invesments and possibly ownership of properties, sell off and buy in EU. Seek Fanancial Advise from EU advisors.

6. Uk nationals with Slovene Perminant residency., can be in UK for less than 5years and still return to Slovenia and clock restarts.
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