Health Insurance for foreigners

What does it mean and what are the implications for expats living abroad?

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Health Insurance for foreigners

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With the UK now set to leave the EU within the next 2years and break all tides in trade agreements and all laws that are in place through Brussels, one of the most important issues facing British Nationals working and living abroad is health insurance.

We will try to answer the common questions and experienced first-hand ourselves while living abroad.
For each country or region of Europe there will be a separate forum post with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) with answers to most questions relating to this subject.

Disclaimer: Information within this forum post can change at any time and is the representation of the posters own research and experience. Any use of the information provided here should be used with discretion and you seek professional advise where required.
Having said that, we will always try to give 100% accurate information and where possible provide the source(s) where this information was acquired from.