Is the EU in trouble?

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Is the EU in trouble?

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It has been many months since the UK left the EU back in Oct 31 2019, and since then alot of things have happened in this world.
The pandemic has certainly thrown a spanner in the works for many people and nations of this world, but obviously the super rich will continue to be rich and live in their own world.

So the EU now finds itself scrambling to find answers as well as many worlds nations on how to cope Economically to keep afloat and our societies don't go into chaos when social services (health care, work employment services, etc) start to fail in finding more money to continue running!

EU is now fighting to push through Grants (as a opposed to Loans which is entirely different) to shore up nations like Spain, Italy & others suffering more than other financially.
On the other side of the coins, countries like Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and so on, will be fighting against approving these Grants, because then it means the national debts of those countries will be shared equally among all EU countries regardless of who you are.

So we will see how EU fairs in the coming months but it does not fair well from what we hear in the news.

Brexit is looking more and more the best of both worlds for Great Britain's all along, and Nigel Farage and co. must be laughing at the fact now UK is in a much stronger situation than EU is now, we have corona virus to thanks for that and China lack of response of containing it within its borders.

Whether it was a ploy by China to de-stabilize the world economies after its battles with the USA trade wars or some other reasons, all our futures is alot more uncertainty for sure, with many people out of work/unemployed, more on the poverty lines, vulnerable citizens fighting the pandemic and stay alive, and all the unknowns where next few months/year will leave us.
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