UK Brexit's PM Boris Johnson & Ursula von der Leyen.

Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty used to trigger formal negotiation on the departure from the European Union by the United Kingdom.

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The laws & regulations

Current Laws and Regulations that will be affected by Brexit and other info.

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Expats living abroad

How does it affect us Brits living abroad? Find out more in this section of the forums.

Withdrawal agreement negotiations with the EU leaders were the main sticking points on the Backstop, Irish border & Customs union will the priority before the end of 2020.

Brexit History in Pictures

PM May sign Article 50 Letter to EU - 28.03.2017
PM May signs Article 50 Letter to leave EU
Brexit Vote Results - 23.06.2016
Brexit Vote to Leave EU (Results Yes 52% - NO 48%)

Other 2020 Priorities are: the Single market, European council, European parliament, British Prime Minister, Irish border, Customs union, EU members, Future relationship, EU countries, Legally binding, British parliament, For Britain, (Theresa May), Negotiator, British government, Conservative party, Border between, Trade deal.

What has been archived: Leave the EU, Theresa May stepping down, Nigel Farage started Brexit and lead Britain out of the EU parliament.